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Mobile holistic therapies available in Lincolnshire

Reflexology Treatment

Much more than a foot massage, reflexology uses reflex points on the feet to relieve pain and improve health throughout the whole body.

A Healthy Sole Means a Healthy Body

A 60-minute session for £25

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Your whole body health is affected by your feet

Every part of the body has a reflex point somewhere on the feet. This means I can work on all your whole body while giving you a relaxing foot massage.

Reflexology can help with asthma and allergies

People with asthma often find that reflexology makes their attacks less frequent and less severe. It can also be useful for allergies such as hay fever or rhinitis.

Reflexology improves circulation and balances hormones

Reflexology improves blood circulation and helps your body to get rid of toxins more quickly. By working on the endocrine system it can balance your hormone levels.

Reflexology can relieve painful joints

Reflexology can reduce aches and pains in your hip, knees, elbows and other joints. Even long-term, chronic pain and stiffness can be eased, so you can get out and about more easily.

Seated Massage Therapy

Swift Relief With Seated Massage

A 30-minute session for £15

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As well as being great for relieving stress, massage can ease muscle pain, improve circulation and help the body to eliminate toxins. My Seated Massage therapy works very quickly to release muscle tension in the neck, shoulders and back.

When you lie on a couch, the bones and muscles in your neck can be squeezed together. With the special Seated Massage headrest, the neck is in the perfect position for the muscles to be massaged more thoroughly. And because you don’t have to get undressed for this type of massage therapy, you can have a treatment at home, at work … just about anywhere!  Let’s get rid of those painful muscle knots. And it’s great for headaches too.

Homeopathy Treatment

Nature’s Own Medicines

A 90-minute consultation from £40

Homeopathy is a complementary therapy which uses natural medicines to encourage your body to help itself. Rather than taking drugs that hide your symptoms, with homeopathy you take a tiny amount of something that can cause similar symptoms.

Homeopathy is used throughout the world by those who prefer holistic medicines. People choose homeopathy for help with skin disorders such as dermatitis or psoriasis, irritable bowel syndrome, irregular periods, asthma, hot flushes and many other problems.

A consultation in your home costs from £40, depending on where you live. Online homeopathy consultations are also available. Prices from £30. Find more information on my homeopathy web site.

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Mindfulness and Meditation Therapy

Meditation for Mind and Body

A 60-minute session for £25

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Meditation can reduce stress levels and improve mood

Meditation helps you relax and enjoy life. It alters the way your body responds to stress.

Meditation can reduce high blood pressure

Mindful Meditation can be very helpful in the treatment of high blood pressure. Some hospitals even offer Mindful Meditation to help patients recover from heart surgery.

Meditation can improve concentration

Mindful Meditation can help you to focus more easily on your tasks or studies and to think more clearly.

Meditation can reduce inflammation

A recent study has shown that meditation can reduce inflammation, and may therefore reduce pain and slow the progression of some diseases.

Cannabidiol – Free Help and Advice

CBD is often taken as an oil tincture

As an extra way to help my clients, I offer free advice and information on how CBD (Cannabidiol) can be used to improve health. I have also arranged a special 20% discount with one of the UK’s major suppliers. CBD is a non-addictive herbal remedy that comes from the plant Cannabis sativa. Although Cannabidiol comes from the same family of plants as marijuana, it doesn’t have the same mind-altering effects.

Scientific studies show that CBD can be helpful in the treatment of several illnesses, including neuropathy, epilepsy and even cancer. It’s also very useful for anybody who suffers from anxiety or depression, as well as other forms of mental illness. You can read more about the health benefits of CBD on my dedicated website CBD and Health.

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Hi! I’m Jacqui Torrance. I’m a holistic health specialist in Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire and I’ve worked in complementary medicine for many years, both in the UK and mainland Europe. Clients say they like my relaxed and friendly approach. They know that I listen to their worries and concerns and I really care about their health. My gentle and soothing treatments use skills from the ancient East together with recent scientific knowledge.

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