Precautions and Advice

Keeping us Safe During the Pandemic

Protecting My Clients

I use PPE and disinfectant for your protection.

Safety During Your Treatment

Hygiene is always important when giving close-contact treatments like massage or reflexology. And during the Covid epidemic it’s even more so. That’s why I am following government guidelines about social distancing, personal protective equipment (PPE) and disinfection.

I use a special alcohol-based disinfectant to clean my hands and my professional equipment before and after each treatment. As always, I use a clean towel for each client and cover it with paper roll. During the sessions I wear a disposal mask and safety goggles. If clients wish, I also wear protective gloves during my treatments.

Protecting Myself

As well as looking after my clients, I have to protect myself from Covid-19 too. I do this in several ways:

  • Disinfecting my hands before and after treatments
  • Wearing safety glasses in addition to a face mask
  • Maintaining social distancing where possible
  • Using homeopathy to boost my ability to fight the virus

Covid-19 Vaccination

To protect both myself and members of the public, I have received the AstraZeneca vaccine. I was given the first dose in February, 2021.

Homeopathy and Covid-19

The UK government and the NHS do not accept that there is any scientific proof that homeopathy can be used to prevent or treat diseases. But if you look at the history of homeopathy you find that it has been very effective in treating several pandemics. For example, when cholera raged through Europe, homeopathy saved many more lives than conventional medicine.

In some other countries, governments are using homeopathy to help prevent and treat Covid-19. Several remedies have been recommended. The remedy that I use to help protect myself is Arsenicum album 30C, three doses a day for three days. I repeat this every month.