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Mobile Holistic Therapy In Lincolnshire

At Home

Get even more benefit from holistic therapies by having treatments at home. Treatments available within 40 minutes of Mablethorpe.

No driving. No waiting. No stress!

At Work

Healthy employees are happier and more productive. Reduce stress and sickness levels with holistic therapy at work. Corporate packages for companies in Lincolnshire.

What is a Holistic Therapy?

A holistic therapy is a treatment that works with the body’s own healing systems. A holistic therapist believes that mind, body and spirit are all connected and that all three should be in balance to achieve perfect health.

Holistic Therapies Do:

Treat everybody as a unique and whole person

Activate and use each person's natural healing mechanisms

Try to get to the root cause of medical problems

Holistic Therapies Don’t:

Interfere with other medical treatments

Use pharmaceuticals or cause nasty side effects

Treat everybody with similar symptoms in the same way

Why Have Holistic Therapy at Home?

Holistic treatments work best when you can rest and relax both during and after the session. Have your treatments at home and leave the travelling to me!

Many people are most at ease in their own homes

You can relax during and after your treatment

You don't need to drive anywhere

You don't need to worry about parking

There's no need to find a childminder

You can choose a time that's suitable for you

Why Offer Holistic Therapy at Work?

Absence due to ill health is a major concern for most employers. 21st Century life is stressful and demanding, with many employees struggling to balance their work and home life. Give your staff a boost with my calming and relaxing treatments.

People work better when they are healthy and happy

Improve staff morale. Make your employees feel valued.

Reduce sickness levels and improve productivity

Improve employees' concentration and clarity of thought

Help prevent work-related medical problems

Get amazing discounts for group bookings

Which Holistic Therapy is Best for You?

Although the aim of all holistic therapies is to improve your overall health, they work in different ways. Why not ask me which therapy is best for you?

My Holistic Therapies

  • Seated Massage
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Reflexology Hand Massage
  • Homeopathy
  • Meditation
  • Tinnitus Relief

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